S-08 Clear Hardener 100ml

Mix E7 Clear Coat (S-07), Clear Hardener (S-08) and Lacquer Thinner (C-04) for an all-rounder PU coat. Use it as a basecoat or topcoat! Dilution Ratio of 3 (S-07 Clear Coat) : 1 (S-08 Clear Hardener): 0.8 ~ 1.5 (C-04 Lacquer Thinner)

Created by modelers for modelers, E7 Paints are specially formulated for use on plastic scale model kits like Gundam/ Gunpla. Made from premium ingredients imported from Europe, E7 Paints provide a smooth, highly-pigmented and durable finish for your masterpiece. Recommended for airbrush applications.

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