Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of paint is this?

All E7 Paints are lacquer paints. While some may find acrylic paints easier to use because they are water-based, lacquer paints are superior in terms of pigmentation, durability, and certain effects such as chrome finishes.

Are they only for airbrush use?

E7 Paints are specially formulated for airbrush use, to achieve the best possible finish. However, certain paints may be diluted with our slow-drying C-05s Lacquer Thinner for hand-painting if desired.

What is the recommended paint dilution?

Different series paints have different recommended paint dilutions. Please refer to the individual product page for more information.

Can I dilute E7 Paints with other branded thinners?

While we have tested Gaia thinners with several E7 paints, testing was not extensive, and some products did not dissolve well. Hence, we recommend E7 Paints thinners for use with our lacquer paints.

What's the difference between your thinners?

We have 5 types of thinners:

C-01 Metallic Thinner (recommended for Metallic series M-01 to M-12)

C-02 Tools Cleaner

C-03 Paint Remover

C-04 Lacquer Thinner (for all lacquer paints)

C-05s Lacquer Thinner (slow-drying thinner for hand-painting)

Where can I find E7 Paints?

Please refer to our Find Us page for more details.

There are no E7 Paints retailers in my country!

Thanks for your interest in our products! Drop us a note on our Contact Page, and we’ll work on expanding to your location.

Can you ship directly to me?

Due to restrictions, E7 Paints can only be obtained from our official retailers. Please drop us a note on our Contact Page if you have difficulty obtaining our products.

I am a retailer/ distributor interested in carrying E7 Paints.

Kindly email us at for more information.